Hi. I'm Amanda.

confidence, body image, self love & worth, healthy eating coach and mentor

I once was where you are. I struggles through all the stages as I grew up and as an adult. It wasn't until I had my own daughter that I realized what I was doing to myself and her. I wanted more for her. I wanted her to be confident, and love herself, having a positive body image no matter what and to take care of her body in a healthy way. 


the story

All my life I have stayed hidden in the background. As a child I always did what I was told, even if it was not appropriate. Never wanting to disappoint anyone. From fear of being left behind. I endured many hardships as a child and through my teen years. I just wanted to make it out, wanted to make something of myself. I graduated at 17 and moved away to college. I majored in Nursing and minored in Secondary Elementary Education.  

Early in my 20’s I met my husband, we got married when I was 23. I had our daughter at 24. A couple years later I had our son, at 27. My life had suddenly become them. All I did and thought about was the 3 of them.

I did anything and everything for them, around them and with them. I had become them. I no longer had my own identity. I no longer knew who I was or what I wanted in life.I had given up my dreams and desires.  

I started struggling in all areas of my life early in my 30s.. My marriage was falling apart, I was suffering with an eating disorder, feeling resentment towards my children and not loving the person I saw in the mirror. I had to find me again. I started working on me. I started putting myself first, and chasing my dreams and desires. Taking care of myself. I started digging deep into each area little by little. Bringing to the now, where I am loving life. I am confident, free and happy. Doing me for me!


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