be their role model

How to raise , inspire and motivate a girl with positive body image.

"The strongest role model in a child's life is the same gender parent." 

It Starts With You. 


10 Steps to raise girls with confidence

1.  Stop the negative comments about your own body in front of them.

It starts with you. That behavior is easily mimicked, causing them to have negative thoughts of themselves. 

2. stop saying "I need to lose weight" in front of them.

Children interpret that to not being good enough as they are. 

3. no more food guilt association. 

Stop saying you can't have certain foods, instead say you choose not to. 

4. Show them you love your body for what it has done for you. 

Be proud of what your body has done for you, such as pregnancy, the stretch marks and all. Show them that its not about what it looks like. It's how you feel. 

5. Stop measuring your health by a number. 

DO NOT use a scale or a BMI chart to determine your health. You are both worth more than any number can measure. 

6. Praise yourself and her for what you do and what you are capable of. 

Do not praise on a surface level... beauty is so much more than what either of you look like. 

7. Do physical activity together, that's fun for both of you. 

When you find an activity that you both enjoy, it becomes fun and a great bonding experience for you both.

8. Plan and prepare meals together.

Make it fun and easy, let her pick meals and together come up with the healthiest version.  

9. Stop comparing and judging yourself and them.

Talk about the reality of social media, media and famous people. NEVER compare yourself or her to others, YOU ARE BOTH uniquely you. 

10. Install positive self-esteem and self-worth. Let her know that you love her for who she is.

Show her and tell her, everyday, that you love her and you are proud of her. that nothing she ever does will make you love her less. 




Thank you for taking the first steps to raising girls with confidence and positive body images.

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