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I learned so much about myself during that time. Strengths and weaknesses. She applauded the strengths and help with the weakness. She gave me the motivation I needed... and believe me...I needed it! Our weekly sessions helped keep me on track both physically and mentally. She was very encouraging and uplifting but at the same time helped tackle the things that I needed to work on. She taught me that it's ok to put yourself first. I learned that when I did that I became a better wife and mother. I had to find the right balance and she helped me get there. It was a great experience and I've taken so much from it. Thank you Amanda!!!



I never thought I would want or need a coach. Little did I know that you would in turn change my life.

Some of the questions you asked forced me to think more deeply and honestly on some of my life quandaries. You helped open my eyes to the possibilities of achieving my dreams and life goals. You helped me see that I am just a number and that what I thought was a career is nothing more than a job. You helped me refocus and align my priorities. For that alone I will be forever grateful.

The sky is the limit and in working with you I saw that, reached for it and started taking the steps necessary to achieve my goals. I am looking forward to the continued conversations, stretching my boundaries and what can happen in the next 8 weeks.



Working with Amanda has helped me redirect my energies and to stay focused on the positive rather than the negative. Amanda offers a great deal of encouragement, strength and perspective. She is always listening and is truly interested in my life and goals and in turn offers insight and direction. By sharing her knowledge, experiences and ideas. Every time I talk to her I feel empowered! She gives the “kick in the ass” and support that I need to stay motivated in order to attain my goals.



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