Are you ready to transform your relationship with yourself?

Lesson one:Introduction and foundation

  • An in depth look into the woman you want to be, how does she act, carry herself, feel about herself

  • Three words that describe the woman you are stepping into

  • What do her days look like?

  • Her 3-5 top priorities

  • Diving deep into what has been slowing you down or holding you back from becoming that woman. What are you telling yourself? What is she really struggling with?


Lesson two: Getting crystal clear

  • How to get crystal clear on what is really holding you back

  • Digging deeper, finding why you’ve been blocking your true self

  • Cutting the bullshit and taking action, How to get in touch with yourself

  • Getting in touch with yourself and deciding you will no longer settle


Lesson three: Taking Control

  • Releasing judgement

  • Honoring ‘Yes and No’

  • Acknowledging YOU

  • Letting go

  • Sabotage, self and others

  • Fears, doubts, others


Lesson Four: Loving Yourself

  • Getting rid of fear

  • Creating YOU time

  • Gratitude and Core values’

  • Creating personal blueprint

  • How to hold on to the new you from here on out!

  • The next level looks like what to you? Where do you go from here?


4 week group… $397 pd in full or 4 payments of $127

If you would rather have 1:1 $597 4 payments of $179


What is included

  • Daily videos breaking down and providing you with solutions on how to move past the small stuff, Monday - Friday

  • Journaling prompts every single day to help you do the internal work to make the mindshift

  • Weekly accountability check-ins to determine your progress and keep you laser focused on your goals, plus unlimited support and access to me (Monday- Friday ) Via E-mail

  • Private facebook group to ensure that you have help and support every step of the way. Surrounded by other woman on the same journey

  • Q & A session to review all information and ensure you have clear intentions beyond the program